Common Challenges for High School Students

The constant changes and evolutions of our world today are sometimes difficult to keep up with. There are no exceptions for high school students. Being a high school student today is no easier than it was years ago, but the challenges may have changed a bit.

Today, many schools are adopting curriculum that will categorize them as a college prep high school. The courses in these types of curriculum are often advanced, faster paced, and are meant to qualify as college courses. Some courses are even called AP courses. These AP classes are often finished with a test that, if passed, can qualify as college credits. Many students looking to get ahead in college take these courses as often as possible. The drawback is for those students that may not be looking to go on to a four year college. Many students today are looking to get an Associates Degree or even spend some time in a trade school before heading out to the work world. There aren’t many classes available for these students other than the standard core classes. Are these students being put to a disadvantage or receiving less of an education simply because they have other plans for their future?

There is another end to the spectrum in a high school. What about those students that struggle with standard classes? Students that are not able to excel in the AP or advanced courses sometimes have a hard time fitting into the classes they have to take. It quickly becomes a matter of simply getting these students to graduate and not preparing them for their future. This can be a serious problem for a student looking to complete the coursework and excel, but not pursue a four year degree.

Teacher availability can be a large problem for students looking for extra help. Many teacher contracts clearly state that they are only being paid for the school day plus a half hour at the beginning and end of the day. Due to the decreasing pay of teachers, many are only staying during the hours they are paid for. If students are unable to meet the teacher during their prep time, they are often not able to have the one-on-one time needed to answer all of their questions.

Aside from the social challenges, there are many other challenges high school students face during their four years. Curriculum problems should not be one of their concerns.